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Walkers Talk

“I love the Longevity Bench Project. It was a big part of my friend’s recovery. She became ill out of the blue, turned out it was meningitis. As part of her recovery we would walk from bench to bench throughout the town so she had goals and places to rest.”

“Almost a year since my heart surgery and can now walk the full heater with stops on Longevity Benches as needed! Spacing of benches is perfect for the full heater distance. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping in my rehab! God Bless”

“The benches have added to my rehab after my surgery. They give me a good rest between benches as I build back my strength. Well done. Keep up the good work.”

“It’s important to me to get outside each day with my young children to exercise and interact with the world around us. Having a bench along our usual route would be so helpful – as a place to sit together, give the kids a juice-box and gear up for the rest of our walk.”

“My mother now relies on a walker for stability, but it has not deterred her from our short walks around town. Adding more benches locally would give us more options of places to go – as each bench becomes a destination and rewards our efforts to get there!”

“I give a donation in support. Please continue the good work in making these benches available for all walkers.”

“With gratitude for all you have given our community.”

“What a great idea! Thanks for yet another contribution to the spirit of community – we’re all gratified to see the town’s pieces being linked by benches marking the way...”

“I have to say that seeing so many people of all ages sitting on the bench outside our house has been a true gift to our family during these crazy times. A great reminder that life keeps on living!”

“Thanks for your thoughtful work. Keep it up and stay well.”

“Always like to support the Bench program. Look forward to seeing them all over Manchester someday.”

“Such a great project! All the Best!”

“Your efforts on behalf of our citizenry are much appreciated.”

“A plan is underway to install more benches in neighborhoods for daily walkers. This is an excellent idea and will encourage more people to go outside knowing they have a resting place near by. Also, a bench in a loved one’s memory would be nice to consider.”

“I love the bench project! I was telling my husband about it last night. He and I have been doing weekend hikes in Western Massachusetts. We realize that we are more cautious than we might be when we set limits because there are no benches. With benches in place, we would probably walk farther.”

“Your community is fortunate to benefit from your contribution to the quality of life there! Your benches are a wonderful symbol of design impacting lives.”

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