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What is a Longevity Bench?

Pad Size for a Longevity Bench

Bench Pad Requirements
Total pad size pictured here:

12' wide x 6' deep x 6" thick, level with adjoining sidewalk or street

It’s a place to rest while taking a walk – a destination which encourages people to venture out and explore the outdoors. Benches can be a meeting place, a place for social interaction, or may simply provide a spot for viewing the town and nature.


People of all ages and abilities will have a Longevity Bench of a comfortable seat height, depth, and full length arm that is stable to aid in sitting down and standing up and has a full supporting back. The bench is securely bolted to a level pad, sized to fit the bench that includes a side turning radius space on one side and an off sidewalk/street approach. A Longevity Bench meets the standards for ease of use, support and safety as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Measurements of a Longevity Bench
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