What is a Longevity Bench?

It’s a place to rest while taking a walk – a destination which encourages people to venture out and explore the outdoors. Benches can be a meeting place, a place for social interaction, or may simply provide a spot for viewing the town and nature.


People of all ages and abilities will have a Longevity Bench of a comfortable seat height, depth, and full length arm that is stable to aid in sitting down and standing up and has a full supporting back. The bench is securely bolted to a level pad, sized to fit the bench that includes a side turning radius space on one side and an off sidewalk/street approach. A Longevity Bench meets the standards for ease of use, support and safety as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Bench Pad Requirements
Total pad size pictured here:

12' wide x 6' deep x 6" thick, level with adjoining sidewalk or street

Longevity Bench Project

A Place to Rest While Taking a Walk

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The Longevity Bench Project goal:
To place a Longevity Bench every half mile along popular walking loops.

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