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How to Donate & Project Donors

Donate to a Longevity Bench

It's easy to participate in this project!


Individuals, homeowners, business owners, social groups and financial supporters can donate to the Longevity Bench Project.

4 ways to donate to the Longevity Bench Project:

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To Make a Monetary Donation

Your tax-deductible contribution* will be used to support our goal to place a bench every half mile along popular walking routes. Click the Donate button to make a payment online or make your check payable to “Longevity Bench Project” and mail to:

Longevity Bench Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 145

Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944

A Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization. All donations are tax deductible.

We Welcome Your Creative Ideas

We are very grateful to have received such overwhelming support from the town and so many generous people who love Manchester-by-the-Sea. As we find donors for the remaining  benches to reach our initial goal of 30 benches, we will celebrate together with those who have embraced our mission and who mark their personal progress toward health and wellness by walking bench to bench.

If you or someone you know have an interest in participating in the donation of a Longevity Bench or the land to place it on, we are very excited to hear from you. Together, we began this Project and together we will reach our goal. Email us or call 978-526-4491.

• The future bench locations on the map are generally located, not by specific address.

375th Anniversary Bench

MBTS 375th Anniversary Committee
Allen’s Pharmacy
Dorothy Anderson
Sondra & Greg Bialy
Cynthia & John Bjorlie
Lisa Bonneville & George Davis
Alida Bryant
Leonard Capello
Greg & Cathy Crockett
Tiffany Daley
Carole Davenport

Ann & Richard Greenleaf
Paul & Lauren Gudonis
Susan Harrington

Tom & Nathalie Kehoe
Robert & Rosemary Kilpatrick
Miles & Joan Kulukundis
Peter & Roxanna Leone
Logue Insurance
Louisa Mackintosh & 
   Tony Ciaramittaro

William Maloney
Charles & Stella Nahatis

Pamela Nelson
Ann Noble-Kiley
Lori & Stan Nowak
Louisa Porter

Nancy Rizzo
Alfred & Angelica Rossi
Kim Rudolf
Pauline Runkle
Joan Snow

William Sumner
Wendy Thomas
Susan Thorne
William Vachon
Christine Virden

Anne Walker
Robert & Joan Wogan
Gretchen Wood

1. Donations of any size are welcome! Monies accumulated in the Project fund will be used to support marketing initiatives. To donate to a specific bench, please add a note on the memo line of your check, or when prompted when donating online.

Donate by check, payable to:
Longevity Bench Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 145, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944

Donate by PayPal, credit or debit card and consider adding to your donation to cover the PayPal processing fees.


2. Donate a Longevity Bench “Package” which includes the property location, the pad and the bench (includes two lines of text on the commemorative plaque, optional)


3. Donate the property where a pad and bench will be located (includes one line of text on the commemorative plaque, optional)


4. Donate a pad and bench to be located on a property donated by others (includes one line of text on the commemorative plaque, optional)

Here's how:

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1. The Longevity Bench Project will meet with property donors to have their location confirmed and measured by pad sponsor, Jeffreys Creek Land Contractors.

2. The location will then receive confirmation from the town’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

3. The personalized commemorative plaque wording will be confirmed by the property, pad and bench donors.

4. The bench sponsor, Keystone Ridge Designs, will begin production of the bench (allowing 8-12 weeks lead time).

5. The pad will be installed on the property donor’s site.

6. The bench with commemorative plaque will be delivered and installed by Jeffreys Creek on the prepared pad.

7. The Longevity Bench Project will celebrate with donors and add the new bench location to the website map.

Project Donors

We are very grateful to the growing list of donors to the Longevity Bench Project. It is through their generosity and support that together we will create a walkable town for everyone!

Dolores Aldrich
Allen’s Pharmacy
Barbara Almy

Susan Alvey
AMI Silvestre Pullinsi

Dorothy Liza Anderson
Katherine Arthur

Daniel Atkinson

Bruce Babcock

Greg & Sondra Bialy
Gordon Baird, Jr.
Marjory Bishop
Cynthia & John Bjorlie
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Chris Blankenship
Janet Bobit & Richard Greenberg

Richard Bonito

Bonneville Design
Annette Bonneville
Cathy & Mark Bonneville
Deanne & Tom Bonneville
Elaine & Matt Bonneville

Ellen Bonneville Family
Estate of Elaine Bonneville

Lisa Bonneville & George Davis
Boy Scout House
Del & Jim Brady

James & Candy Brower

Mike & Betsy Brown
Alida Bryant

John & Carroll Cabot

James Callahan
William Callender
Rosalyn Cama
Leonard Capello
Scott & Tammy Carlson
Paula Carpenter Skytte

Pamela Carroll
Frances Caudill
Barb Chamberlain Lien
Francis Colburn

Jerry & Mary Ellen Cook

Sharon Cook
Linzee Coolidge
Phoebe Coues

Audrey Coughlin
Jack & Kristen Courtney
Greg & Cathy Crockett
Crosby's Market, Manchester
William & Ellen Cross
Tiffany Daley
Betsy Dalton
Carole Davenport
Eric & Margaret Davis
Jean Davis & Don Stonack

Judy Delrosario
Carl Doane

Gene & Nina Doggett
Wanda Reems Dorner
Margaret & Stephen Driscoll
Deborah & Jeff Edinburg
Christopher & Alexis Egan

Bill Elinoff
Henry Ervin

Margaret Finn
Nancy & George Finn
Brooke & Brian Francis
Laurie Franco
Friends of the Manchester Council on Aging, Inc.
Dr. Dorothy Ganick
Jane Garland Lucas & Carmen Garufo
Miranda Silverman Gaudet
John & Michele Gaythwaite

Virginia Germond
Peter Germond

Give Lively Foundation
Patricia Glennon
Suzan Globus

Ann & Richard Greenleaf
Paul & Lauren Gudonis
Martha Hadden
Stephen & Marion Hall
Joseph Halsted & Carol Vallone

Susan Harrington
Michele Harrison
Brad Hatfield
Pat Shelley Hedlund
Martha C. Helseth
Sheila Hill

Sandie Horwitz
Mary Hull

John & Sally Huss

Johnson O'Connor Feron & Carucci LLP
Douglas Hotchkiss

Margaret Hughes
Rebecca Jaques

Jay Jarosz
Jerry & Dorothy Jodice
Stephen & Marie-Louise Kasnet
Tom & Nathalie Kehoe
Gillian Kellogg
Robert & Rosemary Kilpatrick
Christine Kinney

Mike & Darlene Knight
Miles & Joan Kulukundis
Benjamin & Michelle Langille
James & Stella Langille

Carolyn & Tom Lawler
Peter & Roxanna Leone

Barb Lien
John & Libby Linde Cady
Karen & Dale Litton

Logue Insurance
Sally Louis

Betsy Lynch

Louisa Mackintosh & Tony Ciaramittaro
William Maloney
Manchester-Essex Rotary
Wendy Manninen

Douglas Marquart
Bob & Eileen Matz
Laurie S. McCoy
Paul McGeary
Edward McGuinness
David & Kim McKenna
Jon & Marilyn Meeks Horton

Mariana Melville
Manchester Essex Regional High School Class of 2024

M.F. Reynolds Construction
Louis & Karen Miller
Susan Mirak
Everett & Pamela Morss
Moody, Lynn & Lieberson LLC

Charles & Stella Nahatis
JoAnn & Euge Nelson

Pamela Nelson
Steven Nelson
William Nelson

Ann Noble-Kiley
Lori & Stan Nowak

Alan Palter Family
Austin & Laila O’KeefeDominic & Fleur Pang
Andrew Paraskos
Alexandra Peterson
Bruce & Tammy Peterson

Louisa Porter

Ronald Raudlett
Paul Re

Nancy Rizzo
Carol Robbins
Doug Robbins / Jerry Gaudet
Andrea Roessler
Alfred & Angelica Rossi
Kim Rudolf
Pauline Runkle
Beverly Russell

Katherine Ryan
Jane Saltenstall

Sayre Santonelli

Darvin Schanley Family
Alan & Leigh Scharfe

Shirley Schylling
William & Sally Scott

Carol Shaw

Susan Shuwall
Richard Singleton

Aubia Smith
Sue & Chuck Smith

Joan Snow
Lee Spence
Arthur Steinert
David Sterritt
Phyllis Stibler
Gary & Jane Stirgwolt
Paul & Connie Sullivan
William Sumner
Lynda Surdam
Elizabeth & Rick Swartz
Carol Tayler Noble

Wendy Thomas
Susan Thorne
Polly Townsend

Tanya Trevett

William Vachon
Peter & Kate Van Demark
Trudi Van Slyck
Christine Virden

Anne Walker
Cathleen Wardley

Andree Webster
Elizabeth Westra
Alan & Charlotte Wilson
Amy & Mark Wilson

Robert & Joan Wogan

Gretchen Wood
Jennifer Yaskell


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